About Yaquina Bay Fruit Processors, LLC

From Our Orchard to Your Table



For over 20 years we've grown, processed and packaged fruit for manufacturers, and retail and foodservice partners.  We are ideally located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, a 150-mile (240 km) valley in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The valley's numerous waterways, particularly the Willamette River, continuously deposit highly fertile alluvial soils across its broad, flat plain creating a massively productive agricultural area and perfect micro-climate to grow our pampered Royal Ann Cherries.

We are a grower...



Our cherry orchards are a year round passion. Proper pruning and soil composition is all controlled by our tireless efforts. Spring brings a beautiful array of pink, red and white blossoms to the orchard – a gorgeous sight.  From these blossoms grow plump, sweet cherries which we harvest at the peak of ripeness to insure the highest quality product.

We are a processor...



We bring in our plump, sweet cherries at the peak of ripeness and through our refined process cherries are flavored and colored to produce a garnish with the lively taste, snap and bold color to give desserts and drinks the perfect finish.

We package...



Yes, we package too!  Our ability to go beyond the industry standard makes us a unique resource for your maraschino cherry needs.  We create custom flavor profiles, we pack sizes from 9 ounces to 55 gallon drums, and we can customize your packaging and labeling.

and we care!


Meeting the needs of our customers and a maintaining quality products are our priorities.   All work is performed in our quality assured, SQFI, HAACP certified Salem, OR processing plant.